Industry Sectors


Simon & Edward is increasingly recognized for out broad range and in-depth knowledge of diverse business sectors. We believe that the breadth of our industry experience, out international practice and, most of all, our integrity are attributes that our clients value highly.Simon & Edward provides service in a wide range of industries including:

· Computer Software Development and Sales

· Construction

· Energy and Mining

· Entertainment

· Financial Services

· Food and Beverage

· Hospitality Industry

· Import and Export

· Manufacturing

· Media and Communication

· Pharmaceuticals

· Professional Services

· Real Estate

· Retail and Wholesale




China United Insurance Service, Inc.(CUII) 中聯集團

Almost Never Films Inc. (HLWD)

Yew Bio-Pharm Group, Inc. (YEWB)

HQDA Elderly Life Network (HQDA)

Hartford Great Health Corp. (HFUS)

MakingORG, Inc. (CQCQ)

Forge Innovation Development Corp. (FGNV)

ChinaTransinfoTechnology (CTFO) 北大千方


Koosharem (AKA Select Staffing)

China Agritech, Inc. (CAGC,中国艾瑞克肥料有限公司)