Our Firm

Simon & Edward, LLP (S&E), a PCAOB registered CPA firm and an independent Alliance Member of BDO, LLP, is a professional service firm composed of an elite group of highly skilled professionals with e-era vision including Certified Public Accountants, Business Consultants, and Financial Advisors. The firm has developed an imaginative, proactive approach to client services.

S&E believes in having a close, but objective and independent relationship with each client. Personal attention is given by CPAs and staff irrespective of the size of the client. Each client is usually serviced by a CPA who has detailed knowledge of their affairs. Besides having direct access to the CPAs, clients can tap on our staff’s technical expertise in a wide range of services. In summary, S&E strives to build its practice upon the strengths of personal relationships, generated and sustained based upon a deep understanding of the clients' aspirations and values.



Simon & Edward, LLP (S&E),PCAOB注册会计师事务所,BDO聯盟的獨立成員,是一家专业服务公司。公司擁有匯集行業精英的專業團隊,包括会计师,商务专业顾问和财务顾问等。

S&E 與每一位客戶保持著貼心,但客观和独立的服務关系。不論客戶大小,我們的会计师和工作人员都會给予貼心的服務。每个客户通常是由一位專業的對此客戶情況瞭如指掌注册会计师提供服務。除此以外,客户亦可直接與我们在广泛的服务范围有技术专长的工作人员尋求服務。总之,S&E以努力不懈的對客戶的期望和價值觀進行深入了解為基礎,從而與客戶建立緊密的服務關係